23 Jun 2014

The last days of the ARPBH...

Sunday was the last and final day of the Absolution Release Party :(
It has been an awesome 2 weeks!
There has been some fun and entertaining games and some amazing prizes that were won.
On behalf of Georgina Hannan I’d like to thank all of you that came and joined in on the fun and games. Also to the bloggers! You guys rule and did an excellent job, thanks so much for posting – retweets – reposts – shares etc…
Congratulations to the competition winners, I hope you like your prizes and enjoyed the release party.

The last three days were settled with Carrie @Indy Book Fairy / Sandra @Novel Review Cafe and Kirstie @Kirstie's Passionate about Reading.
Carrie covered a lovely background of Absolution – Sandra & Kirstie gave us another quick snippet.

The last few days of competitions were awesome! Day 10’s winner was 'Cody Smith-Candelaria' and she won a signed paperback copy of Obsession – book two of the Cursed Trilogy.
Day 11’s winner was none other than my girl, fellow Author, ElKat and Author2AuthorBC Team member; Katie Mayo Jackson! Katie won a signed paperback copy of Absolution – third book in the Cursed Trilogy.
Day 12's winner will be announced later today - Georgina has been attending a writing festival in Winchester this weekend so has been unable to attend to the agony of everyone whom entered Lol! It's all good though, the wait is almost over! I shall post later tonight :)
In the mean time if you'd like to keep up to date with Georgina - Below are the places you can find her...

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Revamp of Head Over Wheels - AKA: Fighting For You...

 January Valentine’s revamp and Audio of ‘Head over Wheels!’

Now newly renamed Fighting For You – I give January another 5 star review!

First Review –
Read Paperback Review -

I loved it!
From start to finish I was drawn into the world that is Jewelia.
In so many ways I believe her character will relate to every woman because we've all been this vulnerable at one stage of our lives and the passion this girl has is every bit a reality. I was right there with her tears, her joys, her systematic convolutions of Indigo (aka: Jimmy), her struggles, the emotions I swear I'm exhausted!!
It is an unforgettable read and one I will carry with me in my heart and love for Goodreads. Excellent!

Second Review -
Audio Listening review -

I find that I am probably not an audio-ear. Mainly while I'm working myself! But that has no reflection on 'Fighting for you' AKA: Head over Wheels.
Narrator - Melissa Barr was fun, vibrant and upbeat to listen too. I loved her enthusiastic delivery.
Fighting For You - is a refreshing read second time round - it was defiantly fascinating to hear Jewlia's story through someone else’s voice other than my own! Not only because it was a whole new invigorating kick, but in audio too!!

January Valentine has done it again!
That goes without saying that I read this book in February 2013, and still now today I remember it like it were yesterday, and now I hear the changes as it's been read to me.

Did I love the first version better from the second? - Normally I am the type that loves the original more; and in this case that is still true. But I must say that I love the revamp too!
It's a brutal authenticity.
The only thing I am left to say is; 'January Valentine is boundless!' & an adept new revamp of 'Head over Wheels' is a grEAT! Refresh! :P

Go get your copy now at any of the listed bookstores:-

Fighting For You new adult romance (coming of age for readers over 17)
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