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28 Feb 2014

O.M.G YOU JUST GOTTA SEE THIS!!! Thank you Author Kimberly Knight!!

ONLY for the 27/02/14
At .99c / .59p, Author Kimberly Knight has dropped the price of Where I Need to Be (B&S Series #1).    

Book Blurb:
Spencer Marshall was through moping. After catching her boyfriend cheating with his secretary, she decides to have a girl's weekend in Vegas with her best friend Ryan. Lady Luck must be looking out for Spencer, because that weekend will change her life forever. Despite what people say, not everything stays in Vegas.

Reviews: - 4.3 out of 5 stars - 40 reviews - Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #38,380 Paid in Kindle Store.

So go get your copies NOW!!

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 Now go to Amazon now and go get yourself a copy. I know I will be :P
Look out for my review on Ellie's Book Shelf!

22 Feb 2014

Author2Author Blog Chat Birthday Event!
A2ABC Birthday Event

Come join us celebrate Author2Author Blog Chat's 1st Birthday!

      I can’t believe it’s almost been a year; it’s crazy!
The girls and I have come so far since then, and after 48 guests and still counting, I myself have loads more to come.

      Since last year Author2Author has expanded and divided. That’s not a bad thing, believe you me. It’s a Greeaatt Thiiinng!
Not only has it divided into two shows and an events category, I am now able to interview more people, therefore more promotions :D

      But enough about that for now Lol 
      Let me tell you about the event we’re celebrating this week...
      The Author2Author Blog Chat team are inviting you to help us celebrate a Year in Blog Entertainment. With that, we have great games and competitions for you to enter and possibly win.  
      What you got to lose?
      So get involved!!
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21 Feb 2014

Cadbury Gorilla - In The Air Tonight (Extended Mix)

This tune just doesnt get old #PhillCollins #InTheAirTonight  Not just because 1:30 of a drumming gorilla isn't enough!

15 Feb 2014

Author M.E Lorde


Hi M.E!
Thank you for joining me on this hun.

This is not only our first Spotlight, but we just finished your  Fantastical Reads Event, and It’s been a blast hasn’t it?


It has, it really has.


I’m so happy that you asked me to do this Event with you, and I believe we not only accomplished such a successful Event, I think we have made a successful working as well as personal friendship together also.


Oh most defiantly, Ellie (Danni).


I just want to apologise for the delay in our spotlight as I’ve been having quite a difficult time recently. But, as promised I have abducted you today {laughs} and we are going to have a swell session I believe.
          I want to say Hi to my readers and thank you for tuning in today for our Spotlight with Author M.E Lorde. I hope you’ll join us after the spotlight and attend our further interview on our ‘Author2Author BC Class of 2014’.


        Please welcome Author M.E Lorde, she grew up in the rural community of Victor, NY, surrounded by farms, orchards, vineyards in neighboring towns, and beautiful scenic views of lakes, mountains and canyons.  Her great grandmother was Iroquois Indian, whose family was deeply rooted in the Great Seneca Nation, upstate New York.  The author’s great-great grandfather, whose family was from Great Britain, was a major contributor toward the ‘Statue of Liberty’s’ pedestal in New York City.  A man and a woman from two different worlds met, fell in love and married and a family was torn apart.  But alas, life goes on.  M.E.’s great grandmother and great grandfather married.  An interesting tidbit- at one point they became great friends  with and then great friends and confidants with author Zane Grey, who from the early to mid 1900’s wrote dozens of books, many Historical and Western.  Rumor has it that you will find the author’s great grandmother in at least one.
         An avid reader since childhood (as well as an artist), M.E. has been writing since she could hold a pencil.  She wrote and bound her own book by hand at the age of ten.  Though books have always been a passion, Lorde put writing on hold to raise four children while working in other fields which include a career in law enforcement as well as a director position at a technical college.  With much encouragement from friends and family, she finally decided to follow her real passion and pursue writing full-time.  With her newest release of the Tolomay’s World series, she has found her audience, hitting Amazon’s best sellers list in adventure/romance and adventure/fantasy in December of 2013 as #1 Action & Adventure/Romance and #3 Action & Adventure/Fantasy (Tolomay’s World and The Pool of Light- the first novel in the seven Novel series). 
       Her time is currently divided between quality time with her daughter, writing, and activities with Indie authors, artists and a civic theatre.  She loves to travel and has seen thirty nine states up close and personal, and lived in four.  While M.E. enjoys the excitement and bustle of city life, she remains a country girl at heart.


        So we’re here today to talk about you of course {Winks} your book; Tolomay's World and The Pool of Light, which is book one of the Tolomay’s World Series.
Release date – Ebook – 8th Jan 2014. Paperback – 17th Dec 2013.
Ebook - £1.86/ $2.99 USD.
Paperback - £11.89/ $13.46 USD.
Kindle: 405 pages.
Publisher: Paper Airplanes Publishing; 1 edition (8 Jan 2014).
Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
ISBN: 0983715955/ ASIN: B00BFPRLCY.
Paperback: 404 pages.
Publisher: Paper Airplanes Publishing; 1 edition (17 Dec 2013).
ISBN-10: 0983715955/ISBN-13: 978-0983715955.
Your average Customer Review is 5.0 out of 5 stars.
And your Amazon Bestsellers Rank is #228,763 in Kindle Store. Congrats! :)

Book Genre Categories:

         Fiction > Adventure Stories & Action
Romance > Fantasy
Kindle > Fiction > Action & Adventure

Book Blurb:

If you enjoyed Hunger Games, Lord of the Rings, and The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, you will LOVE this book. There is no swearing or sex in this series. Due to adult theme, it is Not intended for young YA readers.

Author M.E. Lorde creates a gripping story set in the earth’s future, where the youth of the world have the privilege and burden of saving humanity from extinction.

Years before an apocalyptic event, a new means of travel is discovered. The modern technology comes just in the nick of time. Though none can return to a past-time in order to fix what men have destroyed, some candidates can now move forward to begin anew.
Highly intelligent, Tolomay Ramey was trained since birth to do one thing… to lead others into the future of the ‘clean earth’ where both nature and mankind are given a fresh start. Leaving the pod community behind, she arrives as the only living ‘Original’ from the first team of candidates. The clean world, abundant with plant and animal life, is covered in green for the first time in hundreds of years.
Unfortunately for this young girl and despite the beauty of the replenished earth, nothing she experiences from the moment she arrives is as expected. Alone for three years, until others finally join her, she learns to survive off the land, but that will not be what she finds most challenging. What will happen when a strong-headed young man arrives with the mindset that he should have been the first in this paradise? Can independent Tolomay and fiercely confident Kenter meet in the middle? Can the clean world become what it was intended to be for the new community, or will all thoughts of peace be left a thousand years in the past?
This series is not intended for the younger YA readers. It is considered New Adult or adult read. There is no cursing or sex in this series, but there is adult subject matter and disturbing social situations not suited for young readers. Suited for 17+

Book Reviews (5):


v Blog
v Goodreads


            So tell us about the book cover – Your covers were done by your publishing company – Paper Airplanes Publishing?
             How much input did you have into it, and how many covers until you came to this one?
          I actually decided on the cover.  While I know it’s more common to use cover photographs, I was led to something a little different.  This was actually the second design… the first one was a lot different, much older looking, not as modern.  Something I saw put the idea of this cover in my head and I began gathering elements for the finished design myself.  The ‘tweaking’ of the cover design was outsourced to a graphic designer.  I’m very happy with the end results and all the covers in the series follow specific guidelines.  There are even a couple of quirks in them- some things common to them that can only be seen in the paperback versions.  I’m certain the Pool of Light cover design give a false presentation that this book is exclusively a sci-fi novel- (which it isn’t. There are sci-fi elements in the book, yes, and so anyone who enjoys sci-fi should hopefully enjoy it, but it is truly an Epic Fantasy Romance series about rebuilding humanity and love for nature.  It’s quite evident once the twins enter the clean world, that they are living in a Garden of Eden with little to nothing, not a science driven environment like they had back at the Pod Community.  Still, I think the depiction on the cover and the lead up to the clean world is relevant to the storyline.   

         That’s pretty true, M.E. I would have thought these days the cover does make a big difference, especially in marketing. But I was scouting online a few days ago and found an article on Marketing that was published by Mark Coker, Rethinking Book Marketing: Why Discovery Matters More stated; that a Smashword survey was taken in sept 2011, that only 7% of people actually look at the cover before reading.

        In-fact! That 29% of people found that they look to a book via word-of-mouth from people/ blogs and forums. You’re cover is cool anyway hun, I think you’re safe in the marketing world {laughs}
So get talking about it people, us Indie Author’s rely on your word of mouth :) x

{Ellie looks to her pages}


        Okay and wow – wow – wow – wow! OPENING STATEMENT!!
{Ellie & M.E laugh together}


          Tolomay’s world is written in a language called ‘Merican!’
         Tell us about that?
{M.E laughs to self}


           It’s funny you should ask about this, because no one else has ever asked me this question, and, well, believe it or not, the quirkiness of the language is one of the things I’ve had multiple comments on from readers who loved it, even writing their messages to me using it- which I loved.  It’s the way the characters speak.  It’s simplified.  What are our daily expressions, have been changed up for those future times, just as we all know the expressions, quotes, phrases from hundreds of years ago have changed for us.  For example, instead of saying ‘I don’t think you should worry.’  Tolomay would say, “I think it you should not worry.”  There is an explanation for the make-up on this language in the second book, actually.  It’s the way it is because governments of the future dumbed down languages and attempted to use them to divide citizens, nations and society as a whole over hundreds of years’ time.  The vocabulary is very basic, easily understood and has almost a mantra to it, like beats, or so I’m told.  I think there are mentions of it in the Amazon Reviews as well.  If you’ve read the classics and have read proper English, you should have no problem reading Merican, which of course is nothing at all like proper English. Still, it will make perfect sense to any reader.   


        Thankfully I am gifted in that way
  {Ellie poked her tongue out playfully}


         So tell those who haven’t read the books yet, what the pool of light is?


Five hundred years from now, in the future of our world, plants, animals and mankind are slowly becoming extinct.  Though Technology is everywhere, science even at its strongest cannot bring back the health of the Earth they have nearly killed.  No scientific discoveries are that powerful.  However, there is a final scientific breakthrough.  They’ve designed a device that can be used to see the future.  Mankind’s extinction is seen by those men and women… the apocalyptic event… The End Times.  All hope is lost until it is discovered that the machine can also transport living items, first plants, and then animals to the future as well.  Only one choice can be made.  The scientists must find a light point (A point in time that can be viewed) far enough into that future of the replenished Earth… where they can send the still fertile teens to repopulate the Earth… so mankind will not go extinct.  That chosen light point is a thousand years in their future, and the POOL OF LIGHT is the name of the time machine.  Through it, people will travel into the future ’Clean World’ and society will begin anew.  The project is called ‘Vision Fold’, because they are folding time, and the time travel is called a ‘Swim’. 


And tell us about, Tolomay.

Tolomay was raised by the lead scientist of one of the last living communities on Earth.  She is brilliant, has a photographic mind and was trained since birth on almost all available knowledge.  However, intellect can’t teach maturity and life’s lessons and experience.  Tolomay was thirteen when she swam through the Pool of Light.  She is sixteen when others arrive.  She is the youngest and in spite of what the others might have earlier thought, she is in charge of teaching them all.  All of this, after she was alone for three years in a completely different place than where she grew up (imagine if we were beamed to a liveable environment on mars- alone.  It would fell nearly the same).  But the age of these candidates- 16 and 19, 19 is what’s the most fun.  They are learning everything together and it is quite challenging.  To top it off the males in the Pod community were given injections to keep their libido’s at bay while they were still too young to be sterilized, so Kenter, the first male to travel through to the Clean World is having all kinds of testosterone ‘rages’ going on as his body’s regular functioning is kicking in.  Used to getting his own way much too often at the Pods, he is now very confused at times, and rightfully so… and he is being forced to follow this younger, more experienced girl around so he can learn how to survive.  Can you say drama?



Tell us about the clean world…
Is that a Futuristic Earth?

Yes, the clean world is the Earth fifteen hundred years in the future of our time, or a thousand years in the future of Tolomay’s time.  It’s after the End Times and after the Earth has become healthy once again.

And what is a Chideman, hun?

The Chideman is the scientist responsible for mixing and pouring the chemicals that allow time travel.  The measurements are very exact and handling instructions just as precise, so it is a grave responsibility, one taken very seriously.  The concoction is mixed in liquid form and then poured into the water that the candidates are to step into.  Water absorbs the chemical change, allowing the swims to occur once power is added.  The Chideman is also responsible for speaking the words of farewell to the candidates before their swim.  He stands before the Pool of Light, which is comprised of copper and crystal tiles (perfect conductors of energy when arranged properly) as the candidates take their last steps from the Pod.
The Chideman is vital for the survival of mankind.

So, Tolomay is 13. Such a young age for big responsibilities.


Due to dietary factors, the deaths of pregnant women and infants during childbirth increased at alarming rates.   Over half of pregnant women and their children began to die.  So, in the future children are born in labs.  Boys are given Testonine among other drugs in order that they will not follow their libidos to what would mean certain death to the females.  Laws are strict regarding dating and one must apply to the council for approval for a date.  At the age of 20 everything changes.  The shots stop, eggs and sperm are collected for future lab babies, and the males and females are sterilized so they can date and marry safely.  The goal of all the adults is to teach the younger citizens, the newer generation, mankind’s hope for survival.  The age of candidates is specific because of these things.  There is no other choice but to send the teenagers as only they can procreate.  They must swim before the age of 20 years old.  Tolomay was chosen for a number of reasons, regardless of her age.  She is the best trained and was since birth, her memory is photographic… and there is another reason, but I can’t give that spoiler away. 

Who is Tarron? And what does he/she do?


Tarron is Tolomay’s father.  He is also head of the science division and he birthed the Vision Fold project.  He is the only reason there is a time machine at all.  He designed it.  He teaches Tolomay in his lab most of their waking hours and has since her birth.

Tell us about Carmella, the Lizard, Tolomay’s companion.

Carmella does her own thing, but follows Tolomay much of the time, always eating together (The lizard must smell the food).  She likes being scratched and sleeps in the dark, like beneath Tolomay’s bedding and in dark corner, behind rocks… place like that.  She is a scrawny lizard, as if an underfed iguana with less spikes on her back but with webbed feet like a salamander… she has kind of creepy eyes, but awesome feet. 

What type of world did Tolomay live before the Clean World?

The Pod community is sleek, ultramodern and very scientifically and technically controlled.  Society, on their way out, has become very controlled out of need for survival.  Unfortunately those controlling that environment are still unable to heal the Earth.  The most horrible thing about living there is that the clock is ticking.  Soon, every person there will cease to exist and they all know it… even the young children are told this.


So does, Tolomay find love eventually?
{Ellie Laughs}

I mean of course, after 3 years alone on the Clean World, she’s eventually accompanied by others, one in particular; Kenter!
I’ll just say this.  Life is full of surprises.  Some are little like that dollar you found in the dryer.  Some are big, like when that stranger handed you your cell phone you didn’t know you left on the shelf at the grocery store.  Then there are those mind blowing surprises that stay on your mind often.  It’s my hope that readers will find all of these and more throughout this series.   



And as promise, I have provided a excerpt od Tolomay’s World and the Pool of Light, for you and the readers. Would you like me to go and read that for you now?

{Ellie smirks}


         Oh my gosh of course, go ahead…
{M.E gets comfortable}


‘Tolomay’s World and the Pool of Light’
“Peace of life,” said the chideman as he poured the blue water from the glass urn into the pool.  It was surreal.
“Peace of life.” My response was automatic.
My heart pounded.  For thirteen years I’d trained for this.  Still I was not ready.  The machine’s copper pipes gave off a warm smell that drifted to my nostrils as if precious biscuits were baking in the eating room.  The calming scent only made it worse.  I was leaving.
On display before every citizen in the community, my bare feet stepped the few inches further to the edge of the pool.  Fear haunted my mind.  Shivering from head to toe caused my short golden dress to tickle at the tops of my thighs.  I brushed away the itch.  Goose bumps peppered my arms and legs.  I was freezing.  For a moment, the massive musics and sounds on the stage overwhelmed me.  I was small in comparison to everything here, all present and to this wondrous event.  Through dazed thoughts, my focus returned and I remembered to count to three before placing my foot in the shallow liquid.
With eyes watering, my every heartbeat echoed in my ears.  Never again would my father’s eyes look upon me.  Never again would I feel his warm embrace.  I would so miss his gentle, loving voice.  How would I bear it?  I fought my great desire to turn and dart to him, or steal a look as he sat in his chair upon the stage.  Instead, I kept my step.
There would not be another last goodbye.  We already said it, and he wanted just the one.  It would be my greatest honor to him to leave with the dignity, respect, and position he bestowed upon me, to act older than my meager thirteen years.  I had to be brave and pave the way for the others, as he had instructed.
The tears nearly choked me as I quietly sniffed them back.  I could scarcely see, but chose not to rub the wet away.  Everyone would notice.  More would only follow and my eyes would be closed soon enough.  The time had arrived.  This was no longer wholly my choice.  I was being led by my duty and so had to control my emotions for these last few seconds. 
The immaculate stage held static, causing the miniscule hairs on my head to stand on end.  They reached toward the beautiful colored glass of the cathedral roof in the pod community’s grandest room, as if they too wanted to stay.  The urge to run, to escape, consumed me, yet I betrayed my heart, followed my learned directions, and kept my course.
No matter the logic and knowledge in my head, nothing had prepared me for this feeling of claws tearing me apart from the inside out.  I fought off the nausea.  I could not be ill, not in front of the community while representing my father.
The crystal and copper Pool of Light lay before the five of us, with solar panels running from floor to ceiling as the toner’s chorus continued to sing behind us.  The brilliant round majesty beneath my feet, only six inches deep, held the key to our futures and to what would become the whole of humanity.  We were taking these steps for everyone.  Once we left, we could never return home.
Tarron had ordered that we space ourselves just two paces separated, one behind the next.  The four older candidates followed behind me, the taste of anticipation mingling with the hum of energy that filled the great room.  My mind whirled.
‘Keep walking forward… do not turn around,’ father’s words echoed in my head.
I was horrified.  Chills took residence up and down my spine, causing me to shake further.  How would my days unfold without him by my side?  How could I leave him alone?  My heart was dying.
‘The coming light can blind, if you lose protection of your eyelids,’ he had warned.
Think only of your training and the swim, I reprimanded myself against my inert weakness. Focus.  You are leading the others.
I squeezed my eyes closed.
“Your eyes… don’t forget,” I choked out the words, reminding the four following me to keep theirs closed as well.
The desire to see where my feet landed was nearly more than I could endure as I took my next step.  Blindly, trembling as I’d never thought possible, I walked on until a humming of energy engulfed me.  Then a wall of water, warm and flowing, caressed my face and arms and legs until I was drenched in it.  It unnerved me.  I imagined my skin would feel this way if covered with a million tiny insects. That vision sent more shivers.  I rubbed away the feeling.  Fear controlled me.  I was holding my breath. ‘Do not forget to breathe, Tolomay,’ I remembered father’s training. ‘Or you may lose consciousness.’
Barely able to manage my thoughts, I took back my air and continued forward.
A light penetrated the liquid as if they were one and the same.  Much too bright, even with eyes closed, it rained down upon my body as if it were the sun and had no limits.  The burning lasted only a moment and rid me of my chills.  Then I was struck hard in the back by a force that seemed more as power than matter.  It propelled me through the air so fast I almost opened my eyes, but instead fell into a somersault, ending in a stand as I had been trained.
The grasses felt soft beneath my bare feet.  The air smelled completely different...


Oh my god thank you so much for that M.E. That was awesome for you to have shared that with us.
I wanna thank you again for coming on the Spotlight, inviting me to join you on your Fantastical Reads Event, and of course thank you before-hand; for joining me on our Author2Author Blog Chat, ‘Classof 2014’.

You guys can head on over there now by clicking the link, and joining us on the second part of the show with Author M.E Lorde.