“The idea is not to think at all, just let things flow. You already know what you’re going to write, the hardest part is writing it down, and the brain is a powerful thing; you just got to learn how to use it to the best of your ability.” ~ Ellie Williams

26 Aug 2014

The Things you'll find in back-packing land

My first short story about two fresh out of high-school teenage girls, Abigail Hartington and Tazmin Eden, whom decide to go on a 3 month back-packing trek around the world before College starts; and before they begin their lives as Law Students. 

But what started out to being the most amazing holiday ever turns into the biggest smack in the face too. Abigail discovers a whole new side to her life, a family, her family! Her face on a missing person’s poster from years and years ago. 

But it couldn’t be her; could it? 

Her parents adopted her legally! 

They told her everything there was about her adoption to them. She knew where she came from, what adoption agency completed the adoption, why her real parents had to give her up. They wouldn’t lie to her would they? 

Abigail’s holiday quickly turns into a trip of self-discovery when she goes in search of her real family and finds so much heartache that could ruin her paradise life, and her perfect relationship with her adopted parents; the Hartington's.

The Reapers - Collaborated with new Author; Sylvia Williams

Mother and Daughter duo, Sylvia and Ellie Williams.

Ellie & Sylvia

Cover created by Author, Katie Mayo Jackson 

Book Blurb: 

     Think Snatch vs Repo Men & Hereafter and you have your choice of belly jumping, heart-warming moments, and your doses of crazy and bizarre fun.
Jason (Jase) Ramsey, a lone-shark they call the Reaper, employed by the mob bosses of London, a debt collector; the hard kind. His partner and brother was murdered leaving him even more bitter and twisted than he was before, he’s forced to take his nephew under his wing, but his nephew Christopher is your average nerdy boy, not strong enough for the type of work Uncle Jase has in mind for him; Chris vomits every job he takes him on and literally can't stand it. Jase being uncompromising forces him to join him on jobs, in hope that it'll harden him up but he's not getting it.
It’s not long before Jase gets what’s coming to him. He’s ambushed by police on the job and there's a police chase resulting in his accidental death; or was it?
Chris is left alone once again. But a stronger more well-adjusted young man he goes on his new lease of life and furthers his education as a Student Doctor, but his life soon takes a turn when his Uncle comes back! Chris finds he’ll become a reaper after all, but of another kind.
Whose soul will pay for the sins of the body when the influencer becomes the influenced and the once reaper becomes the victim of cruel torment from the under-world?
Will Jase repent?
Will Chris finally escape the clutches of his evil Uncle and his cruel predominance?
How many people have to die before it’s too late?

The Arc

Cover combined by Ellie Williams. Artistry by Chanpipat, ID#10078692 & Salvatore Vuono Image ID 10016771. (Free Digital Photos*Net)


Captured – Not just a Erotica, or your average Romance, Thriller, Drama Genre.

How would you find love in this story? I hear you ask. Well! It’s about a series of stories told by the unfortunate victim’s relatives and /or the fallen victims of Human-Trafficking.
Eve; newly wed to Huw Eccelston, finds herself in the inescapable grips of launderer, Human-Traffickers on her honeymoon in the Four Seasons Resort, Bora Bora; the French Polynesia.

Unable to save her husband she’s dragged straight to hell on a boat out to sea, presumingly leaving her husband to death.

Eve was not seen or heard from again for 3 years. – Take a journey into her soul as she tries to survive. See things through her eyes and the other victims who share her fate.

My First Love of Everything - Alexander the Great

This book is still in production and most likely until next year (2015).
I have dedicated this book to my son, my prince, Alexander Evan, whom I miss more than words can ever say, and love more than life itself.
Alex is the reason I became an Author at all; I will make him proud, I hope, with this book.
I will tell you his story….

The Guardian Deity Series - With Author KMJ


Rose, has always believed in the system that she's been a part of her entire life. Human- slaves to the supernatural races, are bought for many reasons; undisclosed.  
Contracted with a regular client, by the name of Dean, her life changes in a moments decision which leads her to the discovery of her ancestors. Rose, a long line of guardians is thrust into the reality from once she came. The truth behind the war against myth and legend and the human race, a story she was never clear on; one she never thought she’d ever know. 
The high-roller Prince to the Vampire race, Dean craves her ancient creel blood, and he’ll do anything to obtain it; even if it means breaking the treaty with other races. 

Can Rose break free of these bonds and save her ancient bloodline?  
Can she save herself along the way? 
What will the last ‘pure humans’ do in order to survive?

The Blood for Blood Series

The Blood for Blood Series
v  Second Chance
v  No More Second Chances